ZCom Solutions is a Global company with a multidisciplinary team that have over 20 years of experience working together solving problems and building solutions within a variety of industries around the globe (North America, The Bahamas, EMEA & Asia).

Our mission is to support & promote organizational change, challenge what has always been, drive continuous improvement and strive for excellence.

Our vision is to be the only  partner of choice for operational change, renowned for a world-class service culture.

Having worked with a vast array of clients, including Fortune 500 members, we are able to demonstrate our innovative techniques perfected through years of experience gained in working through many unique challenges put forth by our clients. ZCom Solutions has supported clients across various industries including but not limited to the healthcare, government, retail, and non-profit sector.


Our Background:

What makes us different in ZCom is  we have walked in your shoes, we have faced the challenges you face.

Our Technical, Application and Operations team is made up of: Accountants, Finance Managers, Accounts Payable, Procurement and Vendor Set Up & Customer Service managers  – We have been through painful month ends, we have been on the receiving end of angry calls from suppliers, customers, and we have managed stressed out teams who struggle with the volume of work they need to get through.

We also have team members who have run their own businesses, faced the challenges of ensuring they can deliver a first class service whilst trying to reduce costs and keep staff morale high.

This is why when you select ZCom as your trusted partner you get much more than a world class software solution – you get the first hand experience you need to ensure the software is the solution you need. 

Specialities Include:

  • Finance System Support & Maintenance
  • Technical Upgrades and Migrations
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Software Implementation (ERP, DBMS)
  • ECM solution designs and Implementation
  • Project and Change Management
  • Solution Architecture
  • In-house Support Organization

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